Advanced Measurements of the Aggregation Capability of the MPT Network Layer Multipath Communication Library

Gábor Lencse, Ákos Kovács


The MPT network layer multipath communicationlibrary is a novel solution for several problems including IPv6transition, reliable data transmission using TCP, real-time transmissionusing UDP and also wireless network layer routingproblems. MPT can provide an IPv4 or an IPv6 tunnel overone or more IPv4 or IPv6 communication channels. MPT canalso aggregate the capacity of multiple physical channels. In thispaper, the channel aggregation capability of the MPT libraryis measured up to twelve 100Mbps speed channels. Differentscenarios are used: both IPv4 and IPv6 are used as the underlyingand also as the encapsulated protocols and also both UDP andTCP are used as transport protocols. In addition, measurementsare taken with both 32-bit and 64-bit version of the MPT library.In all cases, the number of the physical channels is increased from1 to 12 and the aggregated throughput is measured.

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