Multi-Radio Mobile Device in Role of Hybrid Node Between WiFi and LTE networks

Pavel Masek, Krystof Zeman, Dalibor Uhlir, Jan Masek, Chris Bougiouklis, Jiri Hosek


With the ubiquitous wireless network coverage, Machine-Type Communications (MTC) is emerging to enable data transfers using devices/sensors without need for human interaction. In this paper we, we introduce a comprehensive simulation scenario for modeling and analysis for heterogeneous MTC. We demonstrate the most expected scenario of MTC communication using the IEEE 802.11 standard for direct communication between sensors and for transmitting data between individual sensor and Machine-Type Communication Gateway (MTCG). The MTCG represents the hybrid node serving as bridge between two heterogeneous networks (WiFi and LTE). Following the idea of hybrid node, two active interfaces must be implemented on this node together with mechanism for handling the incoming traffic (from WiFi network) to LTE network. As a simulation tool, the Network Simulator 3 (NS-3) with implemented LTE/EPC Network Simulator (LENA) framework was used. The major contribution of this paper therefore lies in the implementation of logic for interconnection of two heterogeneous networks in simulation environment NS-3.

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