Decoupling of Broadband Optical MIMO Systems Using the Multiple Shift SBR2 Algorithm

Zeliang Wang, André Sandmann, John G. McWhirter, Andreas Ahrens


Polynomial singular value decomposition (PSVD) plays a very important role in broadband multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. One of its applications lies in the decoupling of MIMO convolutive mixing channel matrix
in order to recover the transmitted signals corrupted by the channel interference (CI) at the receiver. In this paper, a novel algorithm, known as multiple shift second order sequential best rotation (MS-SBR2), is proposed to compute the approximate PSVD of the broadband MIMO channel matrix. Experimental examples, including a measured (2 × 2) optical MIMO channel impulse response using the multi-mode fiber (MMF) testbed, are presented to examine the proposed algorithm. Bit error rate (BER) performances are evaluated among different transmission schemes. In addition, power allocation (PA) schemes are investigated to further optimize the BER performance.

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