A Novel Dedicated Route Protection Scheme for Survivability of Link Failure in Elastic Optical Networks

Sridhar Iyer, Shree Prakash Singh


The spectrally efficient transportation of the high bit rate(s) data is achievable by the Elastic optical networks (EONs). However, in the EONs, owing to the failure occurrence even in an individual simple element, different service(s) maybe interrupted. Hence, it is imperative that the schemes for survivability be developed so that the issues due to the possible failure(s) can be overcome. In the current work, in view of survivability of the link failure(s) in the EONs, we propose the Spectrum Continuity and Contiguity Established DRP (SCC-E-DRP) algorithm which is a novel dedicated route protection (DRP) scheme that attempts to avoid the problem of trap topology during its exploration for a pair of link disjoint path. Further, to evaluate the link disjoint paths, we resort to the use of the SCC Established Shortest Route (SCC-E-SR) algorithm which is a modified Dijkstra’s algorithm based scheme that selects the path(s) pair(s) based on the end-toend SCC. We conduct extensive simulations considering realistic network topologies, and compare the performance of the SCCE-DRP scheme with the existing techniques. The obtained results show that, compared to the existing schemes, the SCC-E-DRP scheme achieves better results in terms of blocking probability.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11601/ijates.v6i3.244


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