Implementation of Mobility Management Methods for MANET

Jiri Hosek, Pavel Vajsar, Milan Bartl, Karol Molnar


The Mobile Adhoc Networks represent very perspective way of communication. The mobility management is on the most often discussed research issues within these networks. There have been designed many methods and algorithms to control and predict the movement of mobile nodes, but each method has different functional principle and is suitable for different environment and network circumstances. Therefore, it is advantageous to use a simulation tool in order to model and evaluate a mobile network together with the mobility management method. The aim of this paper is to present the implementation process of movement control methods into simulation environment OPNET Modeler based on the TRJ file. The described trajectory control procedure utilized the information about the route stored in the GPX file which is used to store the GPS coordinates. The developed conversion tool, implementation of proposed method into OPNET Modeler and also final evaluation are presented in this paper.

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