Simple Electromagnetic Analysis in Cryptography

Zdenek Martinasek, Vaclav Zeman, Krisztina Trasy


The article describes the main principle and methods of simple electromagnetic analysis and thus provides an overview of simple electromagnetic analysis.
The introductions chapters describe specific SPA attack used visual inspection of EM traces, template based attack and collision attack.
After reading the article, the reader is sufficiently informed of any context of SEMA.
Another aim of the article is the practical realization of SEMA which is focused on AES implementation.
The visual inspection of EM trace of AES is performed step by step and the result is the determination of secret key Hamming weight.
On the resulting EM trace, the Hamming weight of the secret key 1 to 8 was clearly visible.
This method allows reduction from the number of possible keys for following brute force attack.

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